Jova Digital delivers all-encompassing turn-key revenue management products and solutions for the banking and finance industry, state institutions, and small- to mid-sized businesses across the globe. Focused on financial technology and robust digital infrastructure, Jova Digital is your complete EMV certified, end-to-end payment service provider.

With over 20 years of experience in the information and communication technology sector, we stay at the cutting edge of what’s possible, pushing boundaries to offer our clients a service experience that is intelligent, simple and seamless. We’re dedicated to providing customer-oriented technological products and solutions with a multi-level approach and maximum cost efficiency, and as such, have partnered with some of the world’s most innovative and leading companies, including Microsoft and HP.

Our services are not just software based; we go above and beyond to ensure our clients have a complete solution, and include secure and reliable hardware, software, and 24/7 operations solutions.


Hardware Solutions:

Consultancy, design, manufacture, installation, and technical training for specialized ATMs, Ticket Vending Machines, VTMs, and other self-service terminals.

Software Solutions:

Consultancy, design and programming for payment gateways, e-wallets, online and mobile payment systems, card management systems, and other software solutions.

Field Operations:

Service-level agreements for support, monitoring, maintenance, cash management, and financial reconciliations; systems installations and technical training.

24/7 Support:

On- and off-site technical support, specialized and certified staff, contract outsourcing services consultancy, sales and after sales support.


John Yanyali


John is an energetic entrepreneur. After completing his education in the United Kingdom and United States, he jumped into the business world by investing in the agriculture, education, construction, and shipbuilding industries. He then expanded into the Smart Industry, with a focus on the energy, finance, infrastructure, transportation, and security industries.

In 2007, John formed a partnership with a California-based technology company that specializes in electronics manufacturing services. By 2008, he was also partnered with Elektronet, a digital technologies provider similarly focused on the Smart Industry. With John’s involvement, Elektronet soon became the largest manufacturer and developer of custom hardware and software systems in the Middle East and North Africa. In 2016, John went on to launch Jova Digital, a North American provider of intelligent revenue management services.

Currently, he is the COO of Elektronet Inc., and is acting project manager for Elektronet’s international research and development projects under the European Commission’s EURAKA program, a European network for industrial research and development.

He is also actively involved with the following boards:

  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Istanbul
  • Chamber of Industry
  • American Chamber of Commerce in Turkey
  • German Economy Council (Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland)
  • Software Industrialists Association in Turkey

Mehmet has been inventing his entire life. A scientist at heart, he began his career in the Information and Communications Technology industry after completing his education as a computer engineer. He established his first company, Elektrodeniz Inc., in 1994, which focused on the analysis, design, and development of defense and detection systems for naval vessels.

Noticing an increasing demand in the ICT industry, he expanded his business line to include digital infrastructure solutions and established his second company, Elektronet Inc., in 1995.

In this line, he began focusing on research and development projects to create and implement the next generation of payment systems and custom hardware solutions for the Smart Industry. ATMs, TVMs (Ticket Vending Machines), and AFCs (Automated Fare Collection) are some of the distinctive systems designed, developed, and operated by Elektronet Inc.

In 2009, Mehmet established a partnership with a California-based technology company that specializes in electronics manufacturing services. He joined Jova Digital in 2016.

Currently, Mehmet serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Elektronet Inc. and is a board member of Revenue Management Services Inc. and PMO Partners. He is an active member of:

  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce
  • Istanbul Chamber of Industry
  • American Chamber of Commerce in Turkey
  • Software Industrialists Association in Turkey
  • German Economy Council (Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland)

John is a classical car enthusiast who also enjoys golf and collecting historical artifacts. He currently lives in the US, but travels frequently for work and pleasure.

Mehmet lives in California and is a married father of two.